Start-up companies have excellent ideas that are very focused.  Larger companies often have good technical people on staff that provide a broader scope.  Let NextGen augment your staff to lessen your risks and improve your company value.

Technology Assessment

NextGen can review how your technology and products fit into the larger customer systems. We also provide a technology review which assures investors of the risks and benefits of your approach..

Services available include:

  • Examine how your product will work with your customer's overall systems.

  • Assure investors by providing an independent assessment

  • Identify patentable items (increasing your company's value)

  • Review existing patents for "loopholes" others will exploit

  • Review your technology to ensure your company is not infringing on others patents (avoid expensive legal liability)

  • Another pair of eyes to see what might have been missed

  • Suggest additional uses for your technology

Enhancing Technology

NextGen's successful experience in product development can be used to review your development plans.

We can:

  • Suggest extensions to existing plans (a fresh view)

  • Reducing costs through innovation - Choosing solutions from a broad range of hardware/software/architecture options

  • Reviewing implementation plans to spot risky approaches (i.e. IC technology, reliability issues, excessive manufacturing test time)

  • Look at the feasibility of meeting your schedules


Standards are a necessary part of today's products. There are many different standards bodies and their scopes overlap. Different industries implement different options available in the standards.

If the standards for your product do not yet exist, NextGen has extensive experience in creating the a committee subgroup and then successfully inserting your technology into the standards process.

The assistance we can provide includes:

  • Suggest which standards are relevant to your product

  • Provide implementation advice for the many options

  • Bring your company's solutions into standards committees (patent license revenues)

Technical Seminars

Providing an understanding of technology is a key part of your product success. One aspect of technical awareness involves ensuring your staff has an understanding of the other systems your product will have interactions (e.g. billing, operational support, provisioning). A second aspect of technical awarenes is that your customers will also need an understanding of your product offering.

NextGen services available include:

  • Provide understanding of standards they are implementing (TCP, VoIP, Wireless, Passive Optical Networks)

  • What is patentable, and what documents to maintain

  • Augment your staffs awareness of your customer's other systems

  • Product Introduction - Bring your product into decision makers

  • Write technical papers for trade shows / publications


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