Technical Seminars

NextGen Datacom provides a variety of technical material to assist your people in understanding data communications. Seminars are an excellent way to provide additional motivation to employees by investing in them, building the base of information your product teams need to be effective, and providing an independent view confirming your product direction.

Existing Seminars include:

  • DOCSIS and CATV Systems - Technology Protocols and Competition

  • The technical details of the cable modem standard (1 day, 2 day, or 90 minute versions available)

  • Cable Modem & ADSL - Technology Applications and Myths

  • Contrasting the Cable Modem and ADSL technologies.

  • Network Computing Models - Thin Client Business Opportunities

  • Understand the Network computing paradigm, its market and impact on network infrastructure.

  • Data Communications

    • Seminar 1- An introduction to Data Networks

    • An introduction to various data communications protocols, why they differ, and the protocol layers.

    • Seminar 2 - Making Useful Networks

    • Understand network addressing, differences between switching & routing, and network management.

    • Seminar 3 - ATM, Frame Relay, & Cable Modems

    • Details of how these protocols work.

    • Seminar 4 - TCP / IP

    • Understand how it works, routing protocols, and migration to version 6.

    • Seminar 5 - xDSL Technologies

  • Challenges with Transmission of data over CATV networks

  • Technical issues with using the reverse path, how to project upstream/downstream bandwidth needs, and tiered billing.

Additional technical seminars can be easily created to meet you needs. These seminars can focus on emerging technology trends, technical implementations of specific technologies, and implications of alternative technologies on your products. These seminars can include targeted material on:

  • Home Networking

  • Wireless LANs

  • Fiber communications (Fibre Channel, FSAN, Gigabit Ethernet, DWDM, SONET, or PON)

  • Cable modems

  • xDSL

  • Voice over IP (VoIP)

  • Patents - what is patentable, the patent process, and how to introduce your intellectual property into the standards bodies.

Seminars can be customized for your needs.


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