NextGen has experience assisting law firms dealing with the complex mixture of technology, patents, and licensing.  We can provide assist in identifying and protecting clients valuable ideas.  With its specialty in data communications, NextGen can also literature searches, be an expert witness, and assist in identifying documents required from an opposing company.

Assisting in the patent process

We have the depth and breadth of experience to identify the unique aspects of a company's technology and differentiate it sufficiently from prior art.

Services available include:

  • Review a clients technology and identify technology meeting the requirements of the patent office

  • Expand the scope of the concept

  • Write the provisional patent and/or work with attorney to document the invention

  • Research patents and literature to ensure the uniqueness of the invention (domestic and international)

Provide testimony as an expert witness

With the extensive industry experience, patents, and publications in data communications, NextGen can provide the necessary expertise to assist your client.

The experience includes:

  • Participating in the development of the important data communications standards

  • 46 domestic and international patents

  • 13 major publications

  • Providing understandable explanations of technical issues.

  • Excellent track record on high profile cases such as Verizon vs Vonage, Sprint vs Vonage and Rembrandt Technologies vs. Cable companies.

Assisting in defense of a client

We have the expertise to assist you in providing support for the clients defense. Because of the experience in developing and deploying products, we understand the steps involved, the customary documents used, and the amount of time/effort to accomplish these tasks.

The assistance we can provide includes:

  • Developing a timeline showing that there could be no "misappropriation of information"

  • Reviewing client material, project plans, and processes for signs of "contaminated" data

  • Helping prepare list of materials required from opposing counsel



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