Investors face the difficult problem of how they can understand the risks of a investing in a company.   NextGen Datacom can help you understand the strength of the technology, competing technologies, patents, and be that extra "set of eyes" to provide guidance on what has not yet been considered by the company.

Helping Investors before they invest

We have the depth and breadth of experience to provide a reliable assessment of the strength of a company's technology.

The assessment includes:

  • Technical briefings to aid in understand what is being offered

  • The technical feasibility and risks of successfully converting the idea into a product

  • Analyzing the competing ways to solve the same problem

  • Evaluating the strength of the companies patents

  • Defining the other factors required to drive that market

Helping Investors after they invest

We assist investors with services that help monitor the company and build company value.

These service include:

  • Expanding the useful market for a company's technology by suggesting modifications

  • Identify and Secure Patents (increases company value)

  • Ensure the company is not infringing on existing patents (avoid risk)

  • Bring company patents into standards groups (new revenue stream)

  • Monitor ongoing activity as a board member


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