NextGen Datacom can help an established company create leading-edge products for the market. With expertise in both product development and product introduction, we can help you succeed.

Product Development

We solve very difficult problems in creative, cost effective ways. By talking with customers, knowing the competing products, and understanding technology trends these innovative insight leads to patentable solutions that create product differentiation. With the depth and breadth of experience in hardware, software and systems, NextGen has an enviable record of successful products.

  • Define product features

  • Select communications protocol standards

  • Optimize the partitioning of hardware/software

  • Inserting your technology into the standards

  • Indenting your intellectual property

  • Filing Patents

  • Seminars for technical staff

Product Introduction

Introducing your product to the market is letting your customer know you have a product and much more. It is ensuring that all aspects of the customer needs are meet and usually requires working with other companies. It can also be introducing the product to your customer's customer.

  • Providing the "vision" to your customer

  • Trade-show speaking engagements

  • Writing white papers

  • Working with or creating an industry forum

  • Joint ventures

  • Patent licensing


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