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NextGen Datacom provides consulting services for developing new data communications products.  The scope of these services includes:

These services may be combined in various ways to meet the needs of established companies doing product development, technology investors, intellectual property lawyers, or start-up companies.

Product Definition

NextGen Datacom helps define the features, interfaces, protocols, and system architecture required for your product to be successful.  With the depth and breadth of experience, NextGen will help your company select from the many conflicting ideas that will lead to a successful product.  This is accomplished by talking with customers, knowing the competing products, and understanding technology trends.

This experience has been used in the early stages of product development to successful create fast packet data switches, cable modems, wireless LANs, and ADSL products.  The products were created years before their successful product introduction and this same insight will be used to provide you a competitive lead in the market.

Technology Assessment

Analyzing a technology includes not only knowing the capabilities of the technology but also its limitations.  Usually there are several ways to provide a solution for the problem.  NextGen Datacom can provide the information on how these alternatives will impact the propose solution.  Often, there are non-technical issues such as relationships, alliances, or related industry plans that will shape the final outcome.  This independent assessment can provide you the assurance you need in mitigating your risks.

Product Design

Product design may require leveraging your companies existing designs, inventing new solutions or licensing technology.  The solution to a problem may be hardware or in software and NextGen can select the optimum boundary for each under a given set of circumstances.  NextGen, having extensive experience in each area, allows an unbiased solution that will maximizing product investment.

Important considerations in a design include incorporating appropriate standards, ensuring the product is ready during the market window, meeting resource constraints, and ensuring the design team works together effectively.  Our experience in doing this successfully is part of the assurance that NextGen can provide.


Patents and other forms of Intellectual Property are important to a company.  Obtaining technology patents can rapidly increase the value of your company.  Avoiding patent infringement is necessary to ensure that a company's value does not rapidly decrease.
NextGen has created patents for companies, assisted them in securing patents, and is available in defending the company's Intellectual Property.  Frank holds 22 US patents, 17 International Patents, and assisted companies to develop their own portfolios.  This assistance includes identification of ideas that are patentable, writing provisional patents, and helping patent attorneys construct suitable claims.

Standards Information and Representation

There are many different standards bodies, industry forums, and ad-hoc groups creating standard implementations for communications products.  It is often difficult to know which standards should be used for the product.  NextGen is also able to take your intellectual property and bring it into the standards bodies which might result in others licensing your technology.

Product Introduction

There are several key avenues for introducing your product to the market.  For telecommunications products, access to the RBOCs technology groups is important.  For Datacom products, trade shows, publications, and invited speeches at technical seminars are often very useful.  Frank has done many such presentations and can knowledgeably assist in the introduction of your product.

Technical Training

It doesn't matter what your role is in a technology company, there is a need to understand the broad issues of the market, the competing technologies your customers might use, and becoming familiar with the terminology that is evolving.  NextGen has provided many technical seminars to assist your employees become better prepared. Click here for a list of some of these seminars.

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