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Frank Koperda Consulting Expertise

· Data Communications Protocols (TCP/IP, Wi-Fi, DOCSIS, ADSL, PON)

· Hardware Design (ICs, circuits, RF, Systems)

· Standards Development (IEEE, ETSI, ITU)

· Networking hardware (Switches, Routers, Telco, CableTV)

· Software (14 Programming Languages, System Design, Code Analysis)

· Big Data (Natural Language Processing-NLP, machine learning, untagged data)

· Intellectual Property (patenting useful technology, patent litigation, patent office IPRs/PGRs


Professional Summary

My technical expertise is in computer systems and data communications.  The breadth of this expertise includes hardware design, software development, communications protocols, and “big data”.   As identified below, I have depth in each of these areas and this unique combination allows valuable insight into creating cutting edge products, helping companies solve difficult problems, and help in patent litigation issues.


Development experience includes hardware design of integrated circuits, circuit boards, and complex systems. I program in a number of computer languages and have applied this to operating systems, device control, data networking, and natural language processing. During my career, there are over 60 patents/applications in which I am a named inventor.


Current research and development is related to “big data” processing systems that enable the computer to automatically learn all technical areas using untagged data and natural language.  This work involves sophisticated algorithms that automatically identify important information, can find related material, and can provide automatic grouping of related documents given examples of document in various such classifications.


Consulting services also include various aspects relating to Intellectual Property.  I assist companies in identifying core technologies that should be protected, performing patent searches, testifying in Federal District courts for patent infringement cases, and providing opinions before the US Patent office relating to IPRs and PGRs.


Practice Areas

· Communications: ADSL, VoIP, Cable modems, Telephony, Wireless (e.g. Wi-Fi, IEEE 802.11, cell phone), Fiber Protocols

· Engineering: VLSI, digital, analog, RF, system, and card design

· Software: Communications, DSP, embedded systems, operating systems, compilers, NLP algorithms, proficiency in many languages (e.g. C#, C++, JAVA)

· Multimedia: MPEG-2, IEEE 802.5, Fibre Channel, ATM, BBNS

· Standards/Forums: CableLabs, ADSL Forum, FSAN, IEEE 802, ANSI X3T9, T1A1, WINForum

· Expert Witness: Patent analysis, claim charts, tutorials (including Markman hearings), trial testimony, IPRs, PGRs, and identification of technology in commercial products


Data Communications Experience

· Wireless data communications including LANs and working with FCC to get the PCS spectrum

· ADSL Deployment in Digital Loop Carrier Systems

· Fiber communications including passive optical networks (PONs) such as APON, GPON, EPON, G.983, G.984, G.987, and the Fibre Channel Standard

· Developed products, systems and protocols to support data and telephony over the CableTV plant (e.g. DOCSIS, PacketCable, CableHome)

· Communication Protocols VoIP, SIP, TCP/IP, ATM, Frame Relay, X.25, Fibre Channel, FDDI, HIPPI, LANs

· Standards Participation in IEEE 802.11 (Wireless), IEEE 802.14 (Cable modem), ANSI X3T9.3 (Fibre Channel), FSAN (fiber system definition by 10 Telcos), ADSL Forum, UAWG


Software Experience

· System design: function partitioning, code sizing, testing, problem determination

· Systems programming: operating system design, device drivers, compilers, communications

· Device control: disk controllers, DSP, printers, data acquisition, speech recognition


Hardware Experience

· System design: function partitioning, fault tolerance, cooling, power systems, safety, servicing

· Product design: 2 Gb/s communications concentrator, workstations, printers

· Digital: VLSI design and simulation, card design and manufacture, high speed

· Analog: Transducers, interfaces, preamplifiers, power amplifiers

· RF design (holder of First Class Radiotelephone and Technician Class Amateur licenses)



BA Physics, BA Chemistry                    State University of New York                        Plattsburgh, NY                       1974

MS Computer Engineering                     Case-Western Reserve University                 Cleveland, OH                         1976